About the Willy Naessens Group:

With Willy Naessens Build, the Willy Naessens Group specialises in the construction of buildings for SMEs, logistics buildings, distribution centres, offices, commercial spaces, garages, agricultural buildings and swimming pools. With Willy Naessens Food, it also specialises in the distribution of food and the production and packaging of meat.

Willy Naessens Build
The Willy Naessens Group model can be said to serve as the model for the perfect building system, both structurally and aesthetically, and for virtually any application. Thanks to total vertical integration the construction companies under the Willy Naessens Group do everything in-house, from design and production to transport and assembly, which is reflected in over 8000 projects already completed.

Willy Naessens Food
Alongside construction and production companies, the Willy Naessens Group also diversifies its activities. Willy Naessens Food is not only the market leader in Belgium in the distribution of prepared food but also produces a variety of meat products, including bacon, hams, pâtés and salamis.