• Industrial Construction

    Number 1 in Belgium

  • Willy Naessens Agro

    3000+ projects

  • Swimming Pools

    The number 1 in pool construction

  • Production

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  • Earthworks

    Part of our vertical integration

  • Membrane roofing

    Tailor-made membrane roofing

  • Aluminium Joinery

    Windows, doors and curtain walls


    Over 450 units of rolling stock

  • Food Distribution

    Deliveries throughout Belgium

  • Food Production

    Bacon, salamis, hams and pâtés

    willy naessens food
  • Food Slicing & Packaging

    Total packaging solutions tailored to your needs

    willy naessens food

Willy Naessens Build

Willy Naessens Build is made up of all companies within the Willy Naessens Group that are active in the building sector. The various companies are highly diverse, both in terms of activities and in size. However, these companies share the same focus. They all aim to satisfy their customers through superior quality.

The vertical integration of the Willy Naessens Group is clearly visible within the building sector. The earthworks, the production of prefab concrete elements, the transport to the site, the actual industrial building, but also the membrane roofing and the aluminium joinery, can be carried out by the Willy Naessens Group. You can also benefit from the advantages of the vertical integration within the Willy Naessens Group for the construction of swimming pools and agricultural buildings.

Willy Naessens Food

Willy Naessens Food was launched in 2007 following the acquisition of a stake in the meat sector. Soon it was decided to develop the successful strategy within the building sector also in the food sector. For this reason, the Willy Naessens Group expanded its line of cold meat products with such products as hams, bacon, pâtés and salamis.

Willy Naessens Food adheres to the vertical integration philosophy. Today, the company ensures the production, cutting and packaging and distribution of food products throughout the entire Belgian territory.