Willy Naessens Food Distribution

As a distributor of various food products, Franky Fresh Food is an established player within the market thanks to its many years of experience and its own distribution network. A fleet of 35 trucks ensures the daily distribution of more than 8000 products throughout Belgium, Zeeland and Northern France.

Franky Fresh Food is the leading fresh product supplier of butchers, caterers, delis and independent department stores. An exceptionally wide range of meat products and cheeses, specialities, but also frozen products are carefully delivered to the customer at home each day through its own distribution network. In addition, Franky Fresh Food distributes its own brand “Bourgon”.

Bourgon is a range of tasty, traditional meat products selected specially for butchers and their customers.

Willy Naessens Food Distribution


Waregemseweg 28
9790 Wortegem-Petegem
Belgium (view location on map)
T +32 (0)56 68 95 75
F +32 (0)56 68 76 23
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Franky Fresh Food Wortegem-Petegem


Franky is the Belgian market leader in the distribution of fresh food and allied products to butcher shops, delis, sandwich bars and supermarkets. The assortment includes domestic and foreign cold meats, frozen foods, salads, prepared dishes, canned foods, herbs and marinades, dairy products and daily fresh products.

Some 35 refrigerated trucks, a highly automated order picking process, and around 100 employees ensure that everything reaches the customer under optimal conditions. Franky thus complies with the most rigorous standards ensuring food safety for the consumer. The distribution area is located west of the Antwerp-Brussels-Charleroi axis.

The Franky Fresh Food Group has an annual turnover of around 95 million euros and employs 250 people.

Blancke Distribution Huizingen


Blancke Production and Distribution is based in Huizingen. NV Blancke employs around 70 people and distributes mainly in Brussels and the French-speaking part of Belgium, as far as in Luxembourg. Its customers are butcher shops, delis and supermarkets. Following the takeover of Blancke, the Franky Fresh Food Group has almost national coverage.

Upon the takeover, heavy investments were made to give a facelift to the organisation, the products and the company as a whole. This strategy will be continued in the coming years with a view to obtaining the BRC quality label.