Willy Naessens Food Production

Willy Naessens Food Production

Willy Naessens Food Production was established through the joining of forces of four SMEs: Frank Delmote, Quality Salami, Blancke Production and Marblo. These family businesses have grown over the past decades through their individual efforts to become recognised names in meat production. And despite their different disciplines, it was apparent each had progressed by working according to same principles:

  • striving for the best quality
  • fast service tailored to the customers’ needs
  • a personal approach
  • based on mutual trust

It is precisely these values that Willy Naessens Food still holds in high regard today. The difference being that the synergy and additional investments in efficient machines and procedures have provided us with added strength and new opportunities.


Waregemseweg 30A
9790 Wortegem-Petegem
Belgium (view location on map)
T +32 (0)56 68 87 22
F +32 (0)56 68 04 12
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Frank Delmote Wortegem-Petegem


As a production company, Frank Delmote is intimately linked with Franky as they are both located on the same site close to the village centre of Wortegem. Frank Delmote has, over the years, specialised in the preparation of salted and cooked products.

The speciality of the house is salted and cured pork fat. Quality is guaranteed by the use of mainly Belgian pork and its own specific brine which imparts a very mild flavour to the fat. Half of the turnover is generated in the domestic market and the other half mainly in France and the Netherlands.

Apart from fat which is sold either whole, cut or cubed, there is also bacon, beef fillet, sausage or ‘saucission’. The most recent additions to the product range are an assortment of roasts.

As a production company in the meat sector, it is evident that the most rigorous standards are complied with. At Frank Delmote, this has long been of paramount importance – it was one of the first companies in the meat-processing sector to be awarded the BRC quality label.

Blancke Production Huizingen


Blancke Production and Distribution is based in Huizingen. This production company was taken over on 1 January 2010 and now operates in tandem with Frank Delmote. The assortment of Blancke Production consists mainly of cooked hams, pâtés, garlic sausages, and baked bacon. It perfectly supplements the assortment of Frank Delmote.

Upon the takeover, heavy investments were made to give a facelift to the organisation, the products and the company as a whole. This strategy will be continued in the coming years with a view to obtaining the BRC quality label.

Quality Salami Aartselaar


It all started in 1905 when A. Peeters, a widow, opened a butcher shop in Niel. In 1938, the sons Peeters founded Primeat. Thanks to their dedicated craftsmanship, their pâté, ham sausage, ‘teewurst’ and other meat products quickly found their way to butcher shops throughout Belgium.

In 1958 the third Peeters generation took over. Under their management an ultramodern plant was erected in Schelle. Since then, the focus has been exclusively on salami. A speciality that requires a tremendous amount of know-how and many years of experience. Quality Salami possesses both these qualities and therefore guarantees top-quality products. A hard guarantee to which also the fourth generation, which took over in 1999, is strongly committed.

This is confirmed by continuous growth, with which comes the need for expansion. In 2002, the company inaugurated a brand-new plant in Aartselaar, thereby seeing its capacity tripled. In addition, it has its own modern and versatile packaging department offering consumer packaging that is increasingly becoming popular in the supermarket channel. Quality Salami provides a range of high-quality salamis and custom-made products.

The infrastructure, production and finishing are fully in line with HACCP standards as certified each year by an International Food Standard certificate.

Eugène Bekaertlaan 57,

Marblo Wortegem-Petegem

In 2015, the Willy Naessens Group decided to partner up with Marblo, which produces around 6000 daily specials per week. Marblo originated from the growing demand by consumers for pre-prepared meals. Meeting this demand requires experience, craftsmanship, space and a selection of refined, traditional products from one’s own butcher’s shop.

The strength of Marblo Culinair is that it produces everything under its own management. We continue the line from “own farm to butcher shop” to the production of traditional daily specials. A unique concept with an eye for quality and craftsmanship.

A permanent team of dedicated employees tdevelop and prepare fine meals to high-quality, affordable products that offer a wide range of solutions to caterers, butchers, brasseries or retails shops. This concept implies the guarantee that Marblo Culinair selects only high-quality raw materials and ensures professional processing with constant monitoring of the food safety requirements.

Choosing Marblo Culinair is choosing for a top product prepared in a company that meets all applicable HACCP standards monitored by a recognised quality management consulting firm.